Flex Stone, Doğada kendiliğinden oluşan uygun fiziksel özelliklere sahip Kayrak, Quarsit ve Mica taşlarından oluşmaktadır. Ürünü İncele

Architectural Design

Refining and defining the approved criteria and specified components of the overall project is put into motion. The coordination of the entire team is brought together to provide progress and accountability to the scope of work and documents being provided. More Detail


At Everglades Construction Company, we strongly believe in the use of sustainable design, building products and methods. Along with many of our clients, we are committed to the Green Building philosophy. We have constructed almost one million square feet in sustainable construction. More Detail

General Contracting

Known as the hard bid method of project delivery, general contracting allows us to oversee your project and perform construction activities with our staff and sub-contractors depending on your needs. Our expertise in the competitive-bid marketplace gives us an understanding of the changing market conditions. More Detail

Home Modification

Our Service Department specializes in residential renovations, additions, and repairs. Our experienced craftsmen and designers take a unique approach to each project, whether it’s a typical family home upgrade or a high end residence requiring an extensive remodel or expansion. More Detail